What is the Acai Berry and How Do I Incorporate it into My Diet?

The Acai berry is a small dark purple berry similar to a grape or a blueberry. The natives of Brazil have enjoyed its many health benefits for generations and consider it a super food boasting 10 times the antioxidants of grapes and twice the antioxidants of blueberries. With its laundry list of healthy properties, Acai has also become popular for its weight loss benefits.

So what are the weight loss benefits? The Acai berry is an appetite suppressant. The natural appetite suppression is so strong that Acai is equated to a strong dose of weight loss pills. After consuming the Acai berry, we feel full. Curbing hunger is a proven and obviously effective way of aiding weight loss. The array of nutrients in Acai also boosts our metabolism, which encourages the fat burning process.

Incorporate Acai in Your Diet

One of the best ways to include Acai into your daily diet is by having it for breakfast. More and more health food stores are carrying frozen Acai berries, so using it in smoothie with other fruits is a great way to start the day. Another excellent way to eat Acai is to mix the berries in with some granola and yogurt.

There are also many Acai juice products on the market. The prices of some can be expensive, so shop around. Others even come in a powder form. Most manufacturers do not make the weight loss claim, but many who drink the Acai juice experience the same weight loss benefits of eating the berries themselves.

There are many other health reasons Acai has been used, but for people with weight loss issues, losing weight inevitably makes a person feel better and aid in their overall health improvement goals.