"Acai tastes like chocolate syrup!"

Recently one of my clients decided to share her success story with me on how she lost weight with acai.

Leslie Barnum was 150 pounds 6 months ago and had tried "every pill, powder, and drink on the market. "I was fed up," she says.

Once she came across the "Natural, Sexy, Skinny" web site she decided to give it a try. "For once I decided I needed to address the issue of why I was fat before I could lose the weight. I knew that eating a cheeseburger while popping a diet pill was not the answer, but I didn't know what was."

Leslie learned about the toxins in our food supply and decided to eat the same amount of food, but make sure that everything she put on her plate was organic. "I started losing weight the very first week! I couldn't believe it."

After she lost 13 pounds by eating organic, Leslie's weight leveled off so she decided to find away to kick start her weight-loss so she could keep losing. "My biggest problem was sweets," she says. "But I read that acai was sweet and good for you so I decided to add it to my diet as a desert substitute."

"It worked! Acai tastes like chocolate so it was the perfect way for me to get my sweet fix and not crave sugar anymore." Leslie made acai a staple in her diet by making yogurt with acai syrup, and acai smoothies and juices.

"Just a few months after I started adding acai I got back to my desired weight which now fluctuates between 128-132 lbs."

Leslie's acai recipes included making acai syrup using acai preserves. Acai preserves are a great way to get the nutrition from the berry because they retain the antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids of the acai berry which help us lose weight.

Leslie also drank acai juices and smoothies which gave her an energy boost throughout the day and squelched her sugar cravings.

"I have learned so much in the last few months just from reading the e-book "Natural, Sexy Skinny. I can honestly say that eating organic and adding acai to my diet were the 'secrets of my weight-loss success."